City Of Disturbdia, what happend to Tesla, what did he know?

Welcome to our beautiful City, this is our proud statue of some insignificant achivement. Hooray, we got our selves some irrelevant add to neurons. Celebrate my incredible contribute to the art scene in early 1820 or some shit. Who cares! Zombie need brainjuice from succulent braaaaaaain or am i right? Might there be a manContinue reading “City Of Disturbdia, what happend to Tesla, what did he know?”

Aether protocol sigint X

Did’nt you just wish you could connect to another side of realms or parallell universes, like spiritworld where the dead ones try so hard to teach us about. But do anyone even listen? The answer is NO! You need special emv (electro magnetic wave modulating equipment to do that. Let me be more precise, oneContinue reading “Aether protocol sigint X”

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