Attack Back

Dont worry, Dr.Andy is here to give you instructions to help you defeat fallen angels and survive the coming bloodshed from hell. They shall all Surrender to our swords eventually as they become a pool of blood and guts. Remain calm and focused. don’t panic. Think rational and keep your mind set for war under Extreme demonizing attacks straight from the bottomless pit in hell.

  • Prepare your anus first of all
  • Be ready to loose your life
  • Use the golden Demon-cryptonite
  • Fight all fragile points on the body
  • Exercise exorcism upon the weak
  • Rape them when they are dying
  • Skullfuck their dead eyesockets
  • Fight fire with ice & dark magic
  • Chop off their heads and play ball
  • Freeze them with a nitrogen gun
  • Quote bible verses as you attack
  • Do a backstick attack on the weak
  • Commit murder with no regret or remorse with a frown on the face
  • Show no kindness nor empathy
  • And last but not least be a wild rabid animal when you attack
  • Dick the demons down and shit on them while you stab them all

Miss lioness

Molly the great queen

Behold the Queen in all her glory, she takes the world under her cape. She will bring any man down on their knees as she cloaks the world in inpenetrable darkness. He will rise from the ashes and return as the lost child of utopia. Shes a double-headed dragon speaking the language of the ancient ones. As the watchers of the women copulated and made human hybrids, they made man into the world to destroy the world.

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