Hydra Vulgaris and immortality

Now this is a word you dont hear too often “eternal”. I think this concept is fascinating because it has some major implications to mankind and any life in general really.

No brakes given, keep on rolling buddy.

So to never die must be for the greater good if given to the right people. Anyhow this is what it looks like:

Such a pretty organisk but get this, it cant die on its own premises.

So it has or havent something we have or havent. That means that science may adapt it to work for humans one might think? Well lets hope so, who wouldnt be immortal, right? Well i know for å fact i would. So scientist do your magic for i am nothing but your humble servant. Visions of a far out future that may seem unthinkable but i belive everything is possible. The answer lays eighter deep inside your mind or in some cases right in front of your eyes.


Chaosmaster, the construction of visions in my wierd brain.

Aether protocol sigint X

Did’nt you just wish you could connect to another side of realms or parallell universes, like spiritworld where the dead ones try so hard to teach us about. But do anyone even listen? The answer is NO! You need special emv (electro magnetic wave modulating equipment to do that. Let me be more precise, one have to connect to the right channel in which you need to communicate through a receiver then wait for metadata. Ask the right question because you dont wanna piss off the dead now would you? Ok moving along, the apparatus needs to emmit RF (Radio frequency signals) and you need to modulate the transmission multiplexing the packages of information. So its in this way you need a rangefinder that you need to do manualy. The funny thing is, it’s all about breaking through the flux particles in a way that makes the flux pull your radio frequency in a wormhole like acting magnet to crash (overload the cache of some flux that contains the wanted realm) and dump at loopback cipher crack the quantum entanglement principle to get access and take root of the given particle you find and probe.

To continue, i’d like to give you an answer to why you dont wanna piss off any other realm or this one, just dont. Be humble in their precense and ask the right questions and they will give you clues like wierd answers (frsgments of information). Then its up to your side if you want to try to understand what they are telling you. Consult an autist for this one.

Alien dream simulation

Iron lion up against Zion and Babylon, love and caring lifeforce which leave imprints of happiness and a thriving balance in our society. Is it just me or have we lost our old ways? Everybody just sit with their telephone, laptop and tablet streaming electromagnetic particles forth and back in a nonscentical matter, connected to the grid traceable within a radius of 10-50 meters or something closely. They can’t see the nature, which in some part is our very god we must worship or at least give a tought of appereciation for what you reap you saw. We must nurture nature! Take care of the seing god around us. Nature is magic, the communication between living organisms act in way får too incomprehensible for humans to digest, well hell it’s hard to know things for 100% real reality. We must at least figure out the root of reality. Even tho if you should lay their dying they may have connected to some unknown entities and suddenly a white rabbit shows up. It’s a strange place, but if the universe decide that you live or die that day, is up to who to decide? Did it ever occured to you that human kind is all an alien dream sequence simulator basestation located on earth? Well atleast i wish you good luck finding it out one day. That in the end they will give you an asessment of the game you played? In which case, does it be some kind of an upgrade or downgrade given the parameters the laws operate on. Our values shall always be kept with integrity or one might end up in your own personal hell, mental prison or one might shout insanity. Humanity! What are we living for? Well, there must be some incentives in all this right? or is it just a combination of human instict and addiction driving us forward through the hard times? Ask yourself this, if i was to die what would it all be worth for the controllers of the simulation? Did i just give up Halfway and quit. Live my life as a talking toilet being an ass not giving a fuck about anything or myself? Shit down and shut down the very magic universe one posesses within? What’s good or what’s not, it’s not up for me to decide i just want people to open up their brain to think about what might be the meaning to all this.

Message to humanity!

What can i tell you bud, you have to believe! The truth is out there. One universal truth!

Demon Tech vs. Angel Core

An angel came down to earth from heaven speaking ever so warm about the Yore and that we all seems to have lost our ways connecting with nature and the holy entities that play a keyrole in the everlasting loop sequence that is our everyday dread. Have you invited the devil into your very integrity? If yes then you should take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself who you really are! Them corrupt bastards let it happen with a dancemove to it. The devil is a slick sob. If he can curupt the very core of our organs in this world then surely he must easily sneak into the mind of a potatoe.

God bless our troops fighting a war on drugs, the invincible enemy that you hate so much you need to take it in another molecular form and critizise other people for their choice. Shame on you potatoehead for being stupid!

What our troops actually does in Afghanistan: The news will tell you their fighting against Taliban when their actually working with them to have a cheap connection to opiates in which the people love and cant get enough of. Numb the feelings and ease the pain. The pharmaceutical industry got Babylon on bribe for them to brand a drug to call it something thats not in any relations to the actual drug name. Hooray! Also we need to bomb the shit out of them in order to replace their “dictator” and get that dollar in their system. If leader oppose the USA then bad dictator then replace with puppet.

What the hell did i stumble upon in this server, forget what you saw and move the fuck along.

Life aint nothing but a comedy

Government vs the people round: 762627383892929277

The fear will eat you up, COVID19 thought manifesting root reality into a molecule sickness. If that wont kill you, dwelling a restless mind over that, certainly will! #Fear-Factor CIA Mockingbird hypnosis. They are the poison, see? Dont you get it man! Its their virus. Patented several years ago, which means that they run the show and the channels on the TV for you to be told-a-vision and accept that shit like a piece of bread you eat. If you believe Babylon then you mister are a bloody sheep. Wolfy Arise! Thou shall fear no evil, nor care about ethical questions. Just do as you’re told and you can forever be happy in Wonderland. Its a rigged game pal, not worth it! Thus the simulation change up according to what suits you worst. A life to be lived then why all this pain? What is the meaning behind suffering? What is it good for? Does it indicates some kind of cruel joke which is our very life.

Monkey good boy, gets 1 cigarette as a reward to change the behaviour into what fits nature

You know whats funny tho? Modified laughterbox to alter the told-a-vision narative. Stupid man, do say stupid shit on repeat until you also stupid. Isnt it obvious that resistance will make change. Stand up and fight for whats real and whats not. Always speak truth but sometimes camofluage it to fly under the keyscore software.

Stupid bitch who eats news for breakfast buying into the terror which is hyped to cause unknown reactions because his feelings got hurt

Be careful in which you put blind trust in, some shit might come back and bite your ass. Make no mistake, im not playing you. You get played on a daily basis thinking that this is as good as life gets. Sadly you are so mistaken in the eyes of the Yore.


Misses where art thou?

Seems like the woman i wanna meet dont wanna meet me. Its been months now and all i hear is excuses like i’m tired all the time, dont have time and manangement problems. I personally think she dont know what she wants if shes busy all the time. I shouldnt waste any bad energy at it and be patient. But its been over 2 months since i start talking to her online. Ill just keep using my drugs and focus on the real mission here. To define business plan and get loan for farm. Then when i get the wwofers here, they do the work in exchange for food and shelter. Ofcourse im gonna give them some psychedelics to test their abilities to be head number 3 in the family. This man needs to tcob.


So now im looking for some acidheads to join the family and we make society å better place for the weakest of us.

120 microgram blotters, no taste, Maximum effects. Wish i had more now

So yeah if you use any kind of psychedelics, feel free to drop a comment below and explain how the universe works

Diary log entry 25.10

So i’ve been awake for over 48 hours and done alot of defining business plan. I wanna go straight into the bank with plan, numbers, analysis and statistics and convince them that i can make it profitable to get loan on a farm where i can execute my work operations.

That crystal makes me never wanna sleep
Berserker walks into the bank, dont even have to pay for loan. Natural dragonborn killer!
  • Own a hurd of cows to make my own special cheese. Curdnerd 4 life
  • Own Bees to get ecological honey, make candles infused with local honey
  • Make different kinds of candy on a table with professional machine with high capacity. Brand it!
  • Scrap expensive metal from computer and electronic parts of different kinds
  • Make all kinds of things using different types of wood: carved Boxes, wizard woodhead, big tree-boxes in viking dragon carvings and celtic design, cups, plates, cutlery, ladle, Pro baseball bats etc
  • Make homemade skal and candles with honey and flowers
  • Healthy extract, tincures and medicine
  • Make different kinds of knives in the blacksmith and add special tree as shaft
  • Using the skin of the hvite tree and sell it in bags marked firestarter

Somesense diggedy down!

Extreme jank in the boat, lost at sea. Try to find a way back easy? Easy lose control hey hey hey thats me the one and only J 2 the double R that is just what you are. My star! Trouble is on the go 2 eat apeshit. That shit i aint fucking with it! Terror Squad crackers all about some punknibberino oh he gone, he gone! Went home to hide his ass in shame. Homie this aint no game! Give to me one time, two time Gone, Gone away in the winter, under your skin like a splinter. Slithing your shitter, dead be thy entities 3, 6 and 9


The Subtle Art Of Being Weird

Hail To Quirkiness So you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!” Mandy Hale Why can’t you just be normal? All my life I have heard the same question bouncing over ignorance to believe that- I am as I meant to be […]

The Subtle Art Of Being Weird
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