State Of Trance & Euphoria

With the current Corona speed, i’ve been busy getting high, to overcome loneliness. It seems like it’s the last thing to do in these times!

Gucci rave pack

I mostly smoke weed, but i do different types of drugs from time to time. In my rave pack i have ketamine, extacy and 2cb. Extra i also have 7 blotters of acids left.

Speed productivity

With the speed it’s like i have all these energy, so i use my time productive and on alert.

One dose of HQ mdma crystals

So 0,25g will make you feel true feelings of comfort and content, so i smile and take this dose while also on 2cb and acids. These three drugs have synergy with eachother so it’s not dangerous to mix, if you know what to mix!

300ųg of pure godness

And by that i bid you farewell little bird…

Wild mathematics, hyperspace skipjack. Down to boogey, up jumps the Charlie. Down to kill, everybody in the room just, chill chill. So what am i supposed to do with the tango. When the boogey went down south. All i can do is screen and shout. In my mind i went to far, went all coconut. No doubt, then i figure out.

Jedi taskforce

Locked in the looneybin, went bananas. Thats when it all seemed to reminisce the times it was all made to be. May it may remain a mystery, but a life full of tragedy.

Whispers in my mind

Slowly approaching a new age of tyranny against the machine, i stay alert on my feet. There was a time when everything was bliss, lately i’ve seems to have been sinking down the abyss. May no plunder og may i no harm. For those who fight Goliath shall be rewarded!

Skitz’d out shizzle



My visions are clear, i’m working my ass off, to start from scratch. Fallen lonely spirit entity roaming around like a wild grey wolf in the wastelands.

This is for loved ones

Fuck this shit, it’s on MF!

Chaos the master beat, trippel helix inverted mux connected to quantum computer scraping the depths of Internet. Fragile minds always makes it wacky like my Green tobacco. Yum yum says the tummy, show me what you got!

I bring forth the 6th element enchantment spell with cursed meta gnostics. Birdy will deliver.

The bird: “369” says it’s good flux to connect to the other side. Then we shall visit ketamine land where i talk with the energies of a lost place. They make me see and belive in them. Entity Crew Eastside 369, Nordic Mafia. I’m like an voodoo entity braking through to the other side! As Jim Morrison sings about. He breaches the limits of the hidden layer seperating is and them. 10100101010101010001.

Ketamales Switchflip into the multiverse and beyond the parameters of reality.


This gots to be the access schematics for travelling the multiverse and beyond sanity!

Spawn be the manifest 369, EA EA, EA bring the corrupt to flames and we will dwell in their ashes of agony! SYNC UP METALINK! SPAWN!……

The end

Nordicus Maximus Potaticus stukijuss

04:33 11.03.2067 Author: GHOSTUSERX

Message for the future! Man has lost total control of the new internet, after 3 resets to zerobyte. The coming summer mass lose of human lives will have reached over estimated 650 million lives across the globe. A.i domination have reached max levels. This is the beginning of the end. All life will die!

The angel of death super powered quantum computing a.i machine, that will lead to end of all natural life. On Earth. She the undertaker: “Elektra-Qbit#$suseroot-all¹”

Log entry 10101 by apidevln user369

Total immersion of tracendal journey into different times

Listening to classic 70’s rock classics while also playing dark forest psytrance. It creates a way of dreaming in a state of inspiring tunes. Sometimes sends chills down my spine of thinking how beautifuly composed right sync-ups attached to manifested mindframe segment. Witchcrafting voodoo spawn’d memories which fills the brain with positivly loaded energies. which i again projects upon understanding essence of identity that root accessing the very true nature of existential reality.

Trancending the essence of existential reality mindware attached energies

Mindframe segmenting memories of quality and universal worth. Time the sync’s to spawn it into perfectly timed perceptive of existence. Build value out of manifested sequence of time, location, sync-up’s, energy of sound with built in frames of desired patterns. What clasifies reality is your belief so belive there exist geometricaly universal entities, machine elves, gnomes, gods and demi-god’s. Which operates through numbers, your way to spot the right ones is your job.

Eternal algorithmic limbo definition of life

Stay safe, Charlie out of boogie. The cat is in both worlds!

Dragon borned, JRR meta-content

Two nights constantly doing web development

I got so confused in the web editing i lost track of time. Still high her om the amphetamine. Took some meds now so i’m probably to to sleep soon. Just ate 2 handfulls of potatoe chips and one line of chocolate. My head was killing me earlier so i took codeine tabs.

Wicked i feel, with pain in my hands because all the writing.

Probably going to do it tomorrow also to finish the bag. But im going to sleep now. Ciao! Cheerios!

Take a look at my new website:


Wanna stay high all the time, to get you of my mind!

Help other people

My mission in life was to help other people and fight for injustice. Now im working on a project do both. Im planning a farm that can help many needy and poor. Throughout this i shall implement some blockchain tech to have our own coin which is based on how good the business goes.

Im organizing the structure to make it become as well knitted as i’m thinking it will be 🙂

The Holy Oracle understanding

In which to receive an oracle you need the proper medium for connecting with god. So in order to do this it has to involve frequencies, vibration and energy, a computer with the right dj equipment to gain root mode through the aether link. Aether multiplexing and modulation in able to crack the code.

Capturing rolling code pattern on relativly low frequency

Cracking aetherpackets through making music, protocol othra, osciallator with right crystals to get the best output og signalstrenght. Signals must hit particles that it orbits around and brake up the layer into the other side.

If you want to know more about this machine, contact me and I’ll tell you how to get one. This is a very dangerous tool in wrong hands.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration & Sound

Did you know sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing in existence? They have known this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Long before modern science, shamans used sound to induce a trancelike state into other people. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients and […]

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration & Sound
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