The Holy Oracle understanding

In which to receive an oracle you need the proper medium for connecting with god. So in order to do this it has to involve frequencies, vibration and energy, a computer with the right dj equipment to gain root mode through the aether link. Aether multiplexing and modulation in able to crack the code.

Capturing rolling code pattern on relativly low frequency

Cracking aetherpackets through making music, protocol othra, osciallator with right crystals to get the best output og signalstrenght. Signals must hit particles that it orbits around and brake up the layer into the other side.

If you want to know more about this machine, contact me and I’ll tell you how to get one. This is a very dangerous tool in wrong hands.

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration & Sound

Did you know sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing in existence? They have known this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Long before modern science, shamans used sound to induce a trancelike state into other people. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients and […]

The Powerful Secrets of Vibration & Sound

God is a dj, actually a master at it!

So the frequencies one does operate on makes alot of difference, remember that your in control of the modulation in order to aethercall enteties or spirits to the other side. When you communicate to them on the right ones, nirvana shall come to you.

Entity connect aethernet

The clue is how to do it, become a dj and your amoungst the other side (Othra). You simply need to bring love in the music and please them. Then they leave you without demons.

Gotcha nasty bitchass, it’s the year of mices.

Anyway by generating frequency with a frequency generator say on your mobile, an app you tune into the right frequency to get uplink access. 432hz and then play the wanted message through sound you make. In other words what im saying, you communicate oneway into (Othra) the other side which you need to see through some ketamine and other psychedelics.

Othra message

Been away for 14 days in the hospital

So get this the police thought i treathen them with a bomb when actually i was really lonely sitting in the middle of nowhere with mice buggering me and too much drugs. So after a while 8 police cars surround my house and i baricade myself for 5 hours making them believe i attached explosives to the doors in the house.

Norway’s finest
They were very serious

So i ended up in mental hospital for 14 days after they broke two of my windows and gassed my house with teargas. It took 5 hours of speeded fuckery! So after staying in the hospital i was driven to the police station for questioning. They only out me in cell for 2 hours and 30 minutes or so. I recorded them talking from where they put my stuff. So this is Drammen police station.

Check in at 5-0

So i only say i need lawyer and they eventualy let me free. But them fucks ruined my first floor.

This is WAR!

Who is she really?

I can’t get her out of my mind, i get obsessed by her. But i don’t know if she’s real and telling the truth. So my mind seems to wander into delusion and making up facts that’s just guessing. It troubles me and it troubles her, what can i do to make these voices go away? The voices that tell me bad things about her, which is destroying the relationship. Hell, any type of relationship is going down the toilet. I wish i could function like other people and just be sane.

Conclusion of the last 10 days

The last 10 days i have slept about 5 of those, being awake for 2 days in a stretch. I’m working my ass off to achieve my goals and reach a point i’m satisfied with. But i think i might be deluding myself and getting psychosis-like symptoms because of the stimulants. Becoming very paranoid about people’s intentions and i can’t understand that they really want from me and if they’re playing a game i don’t understand. Lashing out on them with no proof just intuition saying they are fooling me. I have alot of bad experience with people before and it manifests into disbelief towards even my closest. I don’t know how i can prove this so i’m being a pain in the ass. So much anger towards people i can’t think straight.

My life ain’t nothing but a comedy

Life can be hard when you have nobody to talk to, i mean really talk to about what’s going on in your head. All the sick and twisted images and voices that just bring you down over and over again. Only people you meet is coming once a week with medication and just ask the same questions over and over again that it sickens me.

All alone and you just needed a hug or some kind words now and then. The only love you have is drugs and music, but that’s not the right type of love, that love will only fuck up your life even further until the appartment is a mess and you get this mental block that you can’t cross. So even shopping or getting the mail can be the hardest thing to do, you just freeze up. That leads to depression and a feeling of hopelessness, abandonment. resentment, anger and thoughts of suicide.

Social media don’t make it any better, nobody engage in conversation. What’s the point? Really don’t want to talk with many people, only a chosen few regulars usually. Sometimes it’s the coffee activating some strange shit in my head that makes me a pain in the ass but i do all i can try regulate. Don’t know where the road goes here, really dont care eighter. It’s nothing new happening when you’ve had internet since you were 7. Nothing really shocks me, but i’ve seen some shit i wish i did’nt see. Shit that makes you loose hope in humanity, but i can’t unsee it.

I don’t want nor will i try to fit in groups in society. I don’t belong anywhere, just a wierd guy you see once in a while in some strange behaviour. I try not to care too much about most stuff, to make life easier to handle. But i feel lost in a world gone mad. I see no future or have any hope for humanity. Yes, you may call it negative but to be realistic i wouldnt give life into the coming age. Guess i’m a nihilist then but i wanna be realistic about it.

Nothing to see here, move along!

Well that was depressing but another day another brain-chemistry i guess using stimulants for days eventually going to come crashing down sooner or later, but hey that’s the way she blows.

My life: An constant search for knowledge and keys to the universe, to the extent it hurts knowing things you rather wish you did’nt know.

I don’t know when it started but i know where it will end.

City Of Disturbdia, what happend to Tesla, what did he know?

Welcome to our beautiful City, this is our proud statue of some insignificant achivement. Hooray, we got our selves some irrelevant add to neurons. Celebrate my incredible contribute to the art scene in early 1820 or some shit. Who cares! Zombie need brainjuice from succulent braaaaaaain or am i right? Might there be a man or woman one day opening a trade route through portals or download the untaited gnostic knowledge of it all, like tesla did with alternating current and all the other inventions he made. At that time his head was probably reaching the speed of light, quantum teleported himself some time travel into the future, about roughly 200 years give or take. You know what im saying, he might have been in contact with some kind of highly intelligent interdimensional entity/-is and was given this knowledge. if he reached that far with his technological advanced out of that world at that time with his inventions. Is it so unthinkable that he also invented a time travelling device or portal? Does it really brake with logic to think that he have also been killed by the people whomst he worked for/with? (Who was close to Tesla?) It is said he’d rather work, than to get with the ladies) like a the true geek he was, who can blame him, right? With such intelligence there is no saying what ramifications he’s inventions would have on society if it ended up in the wrong hands? Did he cross a line and suddently “starved to death”? It was at the time of the great depression and life must have been ass for shit for sure but he must have earned enough on his inventions one might think, but he allegedly talked with a strange bird who came back to his hotelroom everyday, in which he feeded until one day it disappear (was the bird giving him this ideas and information passed on by some entity?) Which subsequentialy led him into psychosis? (because the bird never came back) that broke his heart or some kind of ocd reactions to chaos in some numberologic sequence? Or that he’s brain overloaded on information (buffer overflow) in brain when listening to the spiritworld through his spirit radio (which you can build with simple electronic components, tesla spirit radio) and/-or if he saw something that changed his whole view of real root of reality? If then did the punishment for this death by the shadow government or other? Somebody might know something and i get it’s pretty fucked up. Anyway he might spawn into existence in another timeline or reincarnation taking another form. Shit like this seems to plunder my mind so ill just leave it at that.

Technolocial eyeporn which you can hack all radio frequencies. Dangerous in the wrong hands.
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