God is a dj, actually a master at it!

So the frequencies one does operate on makes alot of difference, remember that your in control of the modulation in order to aethercall enteties or spirits to the other side. When you communicate to them on the right ones, nirvana shall come to you.

Entity connect aethernet

The clue is how to do it, become a dj and your amoungst the other side (Othra). You simply need to bring love in the music and please them. Then they leave you without demons.

Gotcha nasty bitchass, it’s the year of mices.

Anyway by generating frequency with a frequency generator say on your mobile, an app you tune into the right frequency to get uplink access. 432hz and then play the wanted message through sound you make. In other words what im saying, you communicate oneway into (Othra) the other side which you need to see through some ketamine and other psychedelics.

Othra message

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