Been away for 14 days in the hospital

So get this the police thought i treathen them with a bomb when actually i was really lonely sitting in the middle of nowhere with mice buggering me and too much drugs. So after a while 8 police cars surround my house and i baricade myself for 5 hours making them believe i attached explosives to the doors in the house.

Norway’s finest
They were very serious

So i ended up in mental hospital for 14 days after they broke two of my windows and gassed my house with teargas. It took 5 hours of speeded fuckery! So after staying in the hospital i was driven to the police station for questioning. They only out me in cell for 2 hours and 30 minutes or so. I recorded them talking from where they put my stuff. So this is Drammen police station.

Check in at 5-0

So i only say i need lawyer and they eventualy let me free. But them fucks ruined my first floor.

This is WAR!

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