City Of Disturbdia, what happend to Tesla, what did he know?

Welcome to our beautiful City, this is our proud statue of some insignificant achivement. Hooray, we got our selves some irrelevant add to neurons. Celebrate my incredible contribute to the art scene in early 1820 or some shit. Who cares! Zombie need brainjuice from succulent braaaaaaain or am i right? Might there be a man or woman one day opening a trade route through portals or download the untaited gnostic knowledge of it all, like tesla did with alternating current and all the other inventions he made. At that time his head was probably reaching the speed of light, quantum teleported himself some time travel into the future, about roughly 200 years give or take. You know what im saying, he might have been in contact with some kind of highly intelligent interdimensional entity/-is and was given this knowledge. if he reached that far with his technological advanced out of that world at that time with his inventions. Is it so unthinkable that he also invented a time travelling device or portal? Does it really brake with logic to think that he have also been killed by the people whomst he worked for/with? (Who was close to Tesla?) It is said he’d rather work, than to get with the ladies) like a the true geek he was, who can blame him, right? With such intelligence there is no saying what ramifications he’s inventions would have on society if it ended up in the wrong hands? Did he cross a line and suddently “starved to death”? It was at the time of the great depression and life must have been ass for shit for sure but he must have earned enough on his inventions one might think, but he allegedly talked with a strange bird who came back to his hotelroom everyday, in which he feeded until one day it disappear (was the bird giving him this ideas and information passed on by some entity?) Which subsequentialy led him into psychosis? (because the bird never came back) that broke his heart or some kind of ocd reactions to chaos in some numberologic sequence? Or that he’s brain overloaded on information (buffer overflow) in brain when listening to the spiritworld through his spirit radio (which you can build with simple electronic components, tesla spirit radio) and/-or if he saw something that changed his whole view of real root of reality? If then did the punishment for this death by the shadow government or other? Somebody might know something and i get it’s pretty fucked up. Anyway he might spawn into existence in another timeline or reincarnation taking another form. Shit like this seems to plunder my mind so ill just leave it at that.

Technolocial eyeporn which you can hack all radio frequencies. Dangerous in the wrong hands.

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